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Significance of Names of areas in Bengaluru

Know the significance of names of areas in Bengaluru :

  1. HSR: Stands for Hosur, Sarjapur Road
  2. BTM: Gets its name from surrounding Byrasandra, Taverekere and Madiwala
  3. Banashankari: From the Banashankari Temple
  4. Malleshwaram: From the Kadu Malleshwara temple
  5. Majestic: From the Majestic Cinema theatre nearby
  6. Cubbon Park: Named after British administrator Mark Cubbon
  7. Jayanagar: Translates to ‘Victory City’ named after the first name of a famous king of Mysore, “Jayachamaraja Wodeyar “
  8. Indiranagar: Named after Indira Gandhi
  9. Basavanagudi: Basava means bull, gudi means temple. Bull Temple
  10. JP Nagar: Named after Jay Prakash Narayan
  11. Kengeri: Derived from Kempu Mannu (red soil) + Keri (area)
  12. Rajarajeswari Nagar: Named after the temple there
  13. KR market: Named after King Krishnarajendra Wodeyar
  14. Fraser town: Named after Stuart Mitford Fraser, a British officer
  15. Hulimavu: Means sour mangoes. Named after mangoes grown in the area
  16. Ulsoor: There used to be a jackfruit orchard near the Ulsoor Lake, and the Kannada name for Jackfruit being ‘Halasina Hannu’, the area came to be known as Halasuru. During the British rule, the name was anglicised to ‘Ulsoor’.
  17. Marathahalli: They say that there was a temple of Maruti in the locality and Halli meaning village in Kannada. Other people believe that a fighter aircraft called “Marut” crash landed at the place.
  18. Whitefield: A huge number of Anglo Indians used this area to settle down post Independence.
  19. Bellandur: Named after the Bellandur Lake that was built during the reign of the Western Ganga dynasty in the 10th century (yes the lake is man-made)
  20. Vijayanagara: Derives its name from Vijayanagara empire that flourished in South India during the 15th and 16th centuries.

21.R P C Layout : Railway Parallel Colony Layout.

  1. Sadashivnagar: Named in honour of Karnad Sadashiva Rao, a veteran freedom fighter, philanthropist and politician.

23.Koramangala: Koramangala used to be swamp land once upon a time, famous for being marshy and mosquito-ridden. Name derived from the Kannada words ‘kora’ meaning overhaul and ‘mangala’ meaning ‘welfare.’

  1. Lavelle Road: Named after Michael Lavelle, an Irish soldier who discovered gold mining in Kolar

25.Vittal Mallya Road (formerly Grant Road): Named after Vittal Mallya, founder of UB Group and father of Vijay Mallya.

26.Kasturba Road (formerly Sydney Road): Named after Kasturba Gandhi

  1. Dollars Colony: As the name suggests, the homes in Dollars Colony was built by NRIs who turned to Bangalore looking for its great weather and quiet lifestyle. Those who paid in dollars got built houses from BDA
  2. Arekere: Are in Kannada means half. Kere in Kannada means a water reservoir or pond. Named after lake.

29.Basaveshwara Nagar: Named after the famous revolutionary reformer Basaveshwara / Basavanna

  1. Domlur: Derived from Tombalur, a kind of flower which is used to worship Lord Shiva. Other theory being Domalu (mosquito in Telugu) + ooru (village); Sollepura
  2. Hebbal: Named after the lake

32.Jeevanbheemanagar:The area was reserved for employees of LIC (Jeevan Bheema) and KPWD (Karnataka Public Works Department)

  1. Rajajinagar: Named after Rajaji the great freedom fighter from Southern part of India
  2. Rajarajeshwari Nagar: Named after the temple
  3. Nagarbhavi: Literally translates to “well of snakes” in Kannada. Once there used to be a lot snakes in the vicinity. Nagarabhavi main road looks like a Snake.
  4. Kodigehalli: This place/area was reportedly given as a gift(gift = Koduge in Kannada) by the former King Kempegowda to someone
  5. Madiwala: Translates to ‘washerman’ in Kannada. Years when Bangalore ended in Jayanagar, this area was full of washermen and hence the area got the same name
  6. Sunkadkatte: The area was like a tollgate which was next to Lake and in Kannada Sunka means Tax and Katte means place where we can sit
  7. Seshadripuram: The area was named after the late Diwan of Mysore Seshadri Iyer
  8. Doddanekundi: The area was again dominated by Telugu origin where it was originally called as Dodda Nakka Vundi which means ‘There’s a big jackal there’ which then became Doddanekundi in the Kannada usage
  9. RT Nagar: Named after Rabindranath Tagore

( Compiled from various sources )

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