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Web Design HTML Interview Questions & Answers

Web Design HTML Interview Questions & Answers
1) Intrepret this statement: <strong>Michelle</strong>
a) It makes Michelle strong
b) It highlights Michelle as being strong
c) It will print out Michelle in bold font – correct answer
2) Tables can be nested (table inside of another table).
a) True – correct answer
b) False
3) Which is correct?
a) <b>Click Here<b>
b) <strong>Click Here<strong>
c) <b>Click Here</b> – correct answer
d) </strong>Click Here</strong>
4) Which of the following is a two sided tag?
a) DT
b) LI
c) DD
d) DL – correct answer
5) The Browser applies the feature of a tag until it encounters_____tag.
a) Quit
b) Closing – correct answer
c) Exit
d) Anti
e) Deactivate
6) _______are the HTML codes that control the apearance of the document contents
a) Tags – correct answer
b) Codas
c) Slashes
d) Properties
e) Code
7) What are the genral syntax for inline image?
a) src=img
b) src=image
c) img=file
d) img src=file – correct answer
e) image src=file
8) An HTML_____takes text in one format and changes it to HTML code.
a) Browser
b) Editor
c) Converter – correct answer
d) Processor
e) Parser
9) To create a link to an anchor, you use the______property in A tag.
a) Name
b) Tag
c) Link
d) Href – correct answer
10) HTML Tags are case sensitive.
a) True
b) False – correct answer
11) Relative path make your hypertext links______.
a) Portable – correct answer
b) Discrete
c) Uniform
12) A_____structure starts with a general topic that includes link to more specific topics.
a) Hierarchical – correct answer
b) Linear
c) Mixed
13) Which of the following path is supported by HTML?
a) Ralative
b) Defererenced
c) Absolute and Relative – correct answer
14) You cannot designate an inline image as a hypertext link.
a) True
b) False – correct answer
15) Because each computer differs in terms of what fonts it can display, each individual browser determines how text is to be displayed.
a) True – correct answer
b) False
16) You do not have to connect to the internet to verify changes to a Web page on your computer.
a) True – correct answer
b) False
17) You can combine structures e.g, linear and hierarchical.
a) True – correct answer
b) False
18) What is HTML stands for?
a) Hypertext Mailing List
b) Hypertext Mark Language
c) Hypertext Markup Language – correct answer
19) What is the tag for an inline frame?
a) Iframe – correct answer
b) Inframe
c) frame
d) inlineframe
20) Within the MAP tag, you use the AREA tag to specify the areas of the image that will act as a hotspot.
a) True – correct answer
b) False
21) Can you create an e-mail form with auto responder using form action
a) Yes
b) No – correct answer
22) What is the most widely use e-mail form script?
a) ASP
b) PHP – correct answer
c) Perl CGI
d) JSP
23) There are_____color names recognized by all version of HTML.
a) 6
b) 8
c) 256
d) 16 – correct answer
24) Software programs, like your Web browser, use a mathemathical approach to define color.
a) True – correct answer
b) False
25) If you want to increase the font size by 2 relative to the sorounding text, you enter +2 in the tag.
a) True – correct answer
b) False
26) What operator makes converts 00110011 into 11001100?
a) ~ – correct answer
b) !
c) &
d) |
27) The default statement of a switch is always executed.
a) True
b) False – correct answer
28) H1 is the smallest header tag.
a) True
b) False – correct answer
29) The page title is inside the____tag.
a) Body
b) Head – correct answer
c) Division
d) Table
30) _____refers to the way the GIF file is saved by the graphics software.
a) Dithering
b) Interlacing – correct answer
c) Balancing

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