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Kannada Ogatugalu – Android Application

Kannada Ogatugalu (Puzzle) – Android Application is a collection of famous kannada puzzles. This is a small effort to increase wealth of knowledge of kannada ogatugalu and pass it on to the next generation of our Kannada People .

Kannada Puzzles are called as Ogatugalu in the kannada language. These Puzzles are used by native speakers of the Kannada language and mostly used in the life of the common people as a question and answer riddle. Most of the village people use it in their daily usage of the life to specify any reference to the incidents of life. Ogatugalu can be anything from things, nature, people OR animals.

There are thousands of Ogatugalu in Kannada language and its origins are probably as old as the language itself and no one has full collection of it. We can get some reference from the elder peoples, village peoples and now a days from the internet / websites / google. Even this Android Application is one of the collection of Kannada ogatugala set.

Most of the Kannada riddles will have a hidden answer in their sentence which we need to match it to the situation of things, nature, people OR animals and these ogatugalu will give a deeply penetrative insights about them / life. it will be a valuable resource for the kannada literature to collect and share. Kannada has a rich set of ogatugalu which is inherent to our culture.

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Here we have given the Android Application link of Famous Kannada Oagtugalu Collection App.

Here given the link to download the android application kannada ogatugalu :

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