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importance of cooking in home kitchen #Zomato #swiggy

Let America be a lesson to all of us

What happened in the United States, when cooking at Home stopped ?

Famous American Sociologists of the 1980s, had warned the American people of the consequences.

The kitchen has gradually been handed over to the Corporates. Earlier if the elderly people at Home, took care of the small children, it is now left to daycare Centres. Family responsibilities and it’s relevance, have been gradually destroyed. ”

But very few people listened to their advice and gradually cooking at Home, has completely stopped.

The habit of ordering Food from outside, had led to the extinction of American families as the experts had warned earlier..

Cooking with love, means connecting all the members of the family with bonding and affection.

Culinary Art is not just cooking alone. The focal point, is the culture of bonding of the Family.

If there is no kitchen, but the house has only bedrooms, it’s not a family at all. it’s a Hostel.

What about American families, which closed down the Kitchen and thought that the bedrooms alone, were enough ?

In 1971, almost 70% of U.S. households had a Husband and Wife, living together with children.

By 2020, it has fallen to 24%.

Elderly members of Family who had lived together, are now living in Old-Age Homes.

In the United States, women make up 18% of single-parent households.

Men make up 12% of single-parent households.

28% of Homes in America, are owned by dads and moms.

16% of households in America, consist of Male-Female live-in relationships.

35% of all babies born today in America, are born out of Wedlock, to unmarried women.

Half of them, are Girls going to school, with a single parent

About 45% of first marriages in the United States, end in a Divorce.

74% of Second marriages, are also highly problematic.

The bedroom is not the Home.

Now a days, we notice that the Kitchen is not being put to use, and only the bedrooms are being used.

The United States is a typical example of the breakdown of the institution of marriage.

Our Feminine Activists will buy Chocolates & Cakes, to celebrate their liberation from the daily chores of Cooking.

Mental and physical health gradually deteriorate, when families are broken.

Eating Junk Food from outside, leads to gaining Body Fat and other lifestyle diseases like Diabetes and Hypertension, besides unnecessary spending

So cooking in the kitchen, is not the only reason for the well-being of the family.

Physical health and mental health, are equally essential to the country’s Economy.

That’s why Elders in our house, advised us to reduce / avoid eating outside food

But today, we eat with our families in Restaurants.

Ordering and eating Food Online from Swiggy, Zomato, Uber eats, is now becoming fashionable amongst the highly-educated, Middle-class people.

This habit will be a long-term disaster.

Now-a-days, these Online companies decide what we should eat …

Our Ancestors, before going on any long-distance Travel (or) a pilgrimage, used to cook & carry Food from the Home

So cook at Home, eat together and live together as a Family. Apart from food, it has love and affection embedded.


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