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Covid 19 / Corona

1. Wear Masks in Public Places.

2. Wash or Sanitizing Hands Regularly.

3. People beyond 60 and having many chronic problems like Heart Ailment, Kidney Ailment, Acute Sugar and BP, etc. must avoid Public Places.

Upto here is Practical in India.

4. Social Distancing – Is it possible in India with huge Population and meagre Infrastructure ?

Just think of a Hospital during normal days.

How many people visit in a Day ?

How many people travel in a Bus ?

How many people visits Banks, Malls, Theatre, Markets, Airports, Railway Stations, Metro Stations, Parks, etc. in a Day ?

Social Distancing is done for the last 60 days with all the establishments closed.

Is it possible, while all of them open ?

Answer is absolutely ” NO”.

Is it not a Nightmare to think of Social Distancing in India, while every one goes to work or normal operations ?

Are we trying some thing, which is impossible and destroying our Country’s Economy, Livelihood and Future of Youths of our Country ?

Let us be Practical.

Until we get Medicine or Vaccine, infection will go on.

There will be no wonder, if, infection will be 1 Lakh in each States and Total in India Crosses 50 Lakhs by June End or Mid July.

It is found that 3% of the tested people came positive. We have crossed more than 1 Lakh tests per day in India and 3% is 3000. If we do 5 Lakhs Test in a Day, positive will be 15,000 per day.

However, it is said that only 150 Covid 19 patients are in Ventilators, all over India.

That is only 0.1%, which is negligible.

Are we putting 99.9% Population into hardship for such a negligible ailing Covid 19 patients ?

We do not know, there may be 50-75% Population have already got Immunity to this Virus or ability to develop Immunity.

We have seen Almost 75% of Patients are Asymptomatic and needs no treatment. Already 60,000 of the infected patients recovered.

Is not the time to take Tough Decisions, before we destroy our Future ?

Are we over cautious and blindly following the Developed Countrys ?

Decision must be taken, before it will be too late.

We can not leave the Country to go indefinitely.

Two months of indefinite situation has already destroyed our Economy and Future of our Youth’s.

Some one take Practical Decision and save the Country from brink of Collapse of Economy and Risk of spoiling our Youth’s Future.

By Suresh kundar , Prajaakeeya Supporter

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