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Infosys – UI Developer / Angular Developer Interview Questions

UI Developer / Angular Developer interview questions asked in INFOSYS :

what is closure property ?
Difference between Var and Let ?
AngularJS directives ?
what is Observable vs Promises with difference ?
what is Polyfills ?
What is webworker ? have you used it in your project ?
what is HTML APIs ? local storage, session storage, GeoLocation, Drag&Drop WebWorker ?
how does web page gets displayed in the browser ? what happens in the background ?
how do you remove dulicates from array ?
3 types :
* using forloop , get unique values from one array and pass it to second array using indexof function
* set operator in ECMA script 6 will give unique values
* for let i of array { object[i] = true }

how do you share data between components ?
* parent to child using @input decorator
* from child to parent @output decorator along with event emitter
* between components use services to share the data
* local & session storage

what is NaN ? where do you encounter ?
what is the difference between JavaScript , Type Script and ECMA Script ?
What is the different AngularJS and Angular ?

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