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Evolution – Nature an analysis by Prajaakeeya

Evolution – Nature an analysis by Prajaakeeya

Millions of Years back when Dyanosarus kind of animal ruled this world, human rays we’re not existence. Even if, it was existed, definitely hiding in caves to survive from the onslaught of these giant animals.

Definitely, there was major disaster in this Earth, which wiped out these giants.

Humans are not less than these giants.

Today humans are destroying the other living things beyond any dyanosarus have done to this earth.

Are we heading for extinct. Only chance of survival is either space or any planet like Moon or Mars. Few may survive.

Why are we fighting for Religion, Caste, Creed, Region, Language, Culture, etc. ?

Evolution will take it’s own course of action, which no one knows.

Is it not ideal to live today’s life with peace and tranquility ?

One day, we are also going to become history like dyanosarus.There may be new kind of animal will evolve in this Earth.

As science of life progresses, we must go on accepting that enjoy the benefit of the same.

Why, are we entangled with History, Religion, Culture, Etc. ?

Look at you, none of the materials used by you today were not existing in history or religion.

Even the food you eat has under gone lot of changes. That is the only one, which has little resemblance to history, because it is grown in Soil of Earth. It is Nature’s productions.

Air, Water and Food are the Nature’s Products. Without that no one can survive. Because, you are also part of this Earth.

Our Focus must be on Nature and not on Religion or Culture.

Unfortunately, we all focus on wrong things and differentiate in that line and destroy each other and Nature.

Nature must be our God, Religion, Culture, Saviour, Teacher and Love.

We do not know, when Nature takes it’s own Course of Action to curtail our foolish belief and differences.

If every one starts believing and respecting Nature, our Earth will be better place to live.

Let us evolve from differentiating our selves in the name of Religion, Caste, Creed, Region, Language, Culture, etc.

Let us be one with Nature.

Source – prajaakeeya group

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