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Prajakeeya – problem of states

What is the Problem of any State ?

There are Economically Different Classes in any State. We must accept that.

Economically Upper Classes ( Rich, Elite, Well to Do, Good Income and Financially Well to Do) does not need the Government Assistance on day to day basis. However, they need good Infrastructure, Transport System, Communication System, Law & Order, Waste Management, Electricity & Water.

For Any Government, most important is to look after the Citizen’s, who are hand to mouth and Below Poverty Line and Retired- Aged people without any Pension.

Therefore, the most important sector for these Citizens are

  1. Quality Free Education.
  2. Quality Free Health.
  3. Subsidised Electricity.
  4. Subsidised Water Supply.
  5. Law & Order.
  6. Fast Justice System.

Remaining all same as Economically High Class people.

If A Elected Government takes care of above Six Sectors, every Citizen will live with Dignity and Self Respect.

That is the way to Developed State and Development of Citizens.

We are all talking about CAA, NRC, NPR, Pakistan, Religion, etc.

None of this will uplift the poor.

Wake up Citizen, if the above requirements of Citizens are not arranged, reject those Governments.

No other development will make you live in this world with Self Dignity or Self Respect.

It is your Tax Paid Money. Citizens, you have every right to claim the better facility.

Jai Prajaakeeya.
Jai Uttama Prajaakeeya Party(UPP).

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