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Prajaakeeya – fundamental things to do by government

Attention of Karnataka Government.

In Karnataka we have 6020 Grama Panchayat & 6158 Wards in Urban Area

This covers whole Karnataka. Where is the Education & Health Ministers are ?

Are you sleeping ?

You have vision for your family, Son, Daughter, but no vision for the Citizen’s of State, who pays you & your family requirements ?

Administrators & People’s Representatives – please understand this.

We need to Develop the Fundamental Requirements of People in those 6020 GP & 6158 Wards.

Modern & Best Facility

  1. Schools – from Anganawadi to 12th Standard( With Transport Facilities).
    6020+ 6158 = 12178 X 2000students= 2, 43, 56,000 Students.( Presently 1,31, 00,000 Students Only)
    This is good enough for coming 50 years.
  2. Health Center ( With Diagnostic Equipments & Lab + one Surgeon & 2 General Physicians)+ Maternity Home( 10- 20 Bed+ 2- 3 Gynocologist available round the clock)
  3. Police Station ( Fully Equiped with Modern Equipment and Facilities to keep 24 hours vigilance) with Minimum 8 Staff. ( GP Center).
  4. Veternary Health Center.
  5. Old Age Home for 50 Members Initially.
  6. A Community Center or Function Hall with 800 to 1000 Capacity.

Note: – Each item could be discussed independently and Financial Requirements can be worked out.

This Could be Provided in One Complex of 5 to 20 Acre Land, which are existing with Majority Govt. Schools.

We have to develop the existing School Lands only.

Administrators & People’s Representatives, think wisely.

Ask people. They will provide you the vision.

You & your Family goes to most Modern School, Hospitals, Best Security, etc.

Citizens also entitled for it. If not, you people are not fit for the post appointed or elected.

Get out from there. You do not deserve the place.

No more excuses or Dramebaaz. Do it.

If you have no idea, there are Consulting Company’s. Take their help.

Do not be a dead fish in the Pond. You also make other fish die. Do not do that blunder.

Note :- Other States can also follow this.

Source – prajaakeeya groups

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