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Prajaakeeya – Indian Governance problems and solutions

Solution for Every Indian Governance Problems.

1. Non Availability of Quality Fundamental Requirements of Common Citizens.

A) Water
B) Electricity.
C) Education
D) Health
E) Housing
F) Law & Order Facilities.
G) Food Supply’s
H) Waste Management
I) Transport & Infrastructure.
J) Farmers Problems
K) Tourism.
L) Employment.

2. Corruption in Every Department of Governance.

3. Spending of Country’s Huge Wealth in the name of Election for 545(MP) Individuals. State Election ranging from 80 to 420 (MLA) from States.

Productivity is just a bunch of Corrupt Politicians out of those Lakhs & Thousands of Crores spent by Candidates and Political Partys.

Do we need to spend  Our Country’s huge wealth this way on a countable individuals ?

This is the Major Source of Corruption in India.

4. Non- Transparency in Government Spending.

5. Government Spending must be Decided by Citizens, not by bunch of Corrupt  Individuals.

6. Participation of Citizens in every Major Decision  taken by Government.

When these 6, above said Problems are solved, Country – State will become Developed and Citizens can live with Self Dignity.


1. We need Political Party, which will not spend money for Election.

2. Party that field the Candidate from Common Citizens, not from Rich, Business, Famous and Corrupt.

3. Party that works on a Principle of Accountability,   Responsible and Transparency.

4. Party that prepares it’s Candidates to involve every Citizen in Government Decision.

5. Every Plan or Projects will be executed after approval from the Majority Citizens.

6. Party or Candidates Focus on providing the above mentioned 12 Quality  Fundamental Requirements of Common Citizen.

7. Party, where, every Citizen will be treated equal, irrespective of Religion, Caste, Creed, Region, etc.

You may wonder, is this possible ?

Yes Definitely, it is Possible.

Prajaakeeya Concept & Uttama Prajaakeeya Party (UPP) is the One and Only Party or Concept, which is existing in whole world.

Prajaakeeya is a “Silent Revolution” in this direction. UPP is working on this Concept and it is gaining popularity with  Young Citizens.

Our Focus is on Karnataka State and later it will be involving in National Level.

Uttama Prajaakeeya Party ( UPP) is a Flat form to carry the Prajaakeeya Revolution, where every one is invited and there is no involvement of Money at any stage.

No Membership Fees, No Party Funds and No Donation Accepted.

APP- Google Play Store
Mobile : 7975822460

Source – prajaakeeya group

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