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Prajaakeeya Analysis of citizens – UPP

How Much Worth a Citizen of India & Karnataka State ?

Let me Start with some Statistics.

Population (2011)
130,00,00,000 (130 Crores).

Our Country Budget (2019-20).


( Twnety Seven Lakh Eighty Six Thousand Three Hundred Forty Nine Crores)
Total Revenue Collection

  7,30,760,00,00,000- Borrowing/ Loan

Average Contribution from Each Citizen 2019-20

Rs. 21,433.
To Central Government by 130  Crores Citizen.

Average Contribution by a Family of 4

Rs. 85,732.
To Central Government.

Karnataka State has no share in Centers Collection of Tax, except any Grants Provided by Center.
Karnataka State Citizens Contribute Separately to State.

Karnataka Population
6,50,00,000 ( 6.5 Crores)

State Budget 2019-20

Rs. 2,40,000 Crores
( Two Lakh Forty Thousand Crores)

Average Contribution from Each Citizen
Rs. 36,923.

Average Contribution by each Family of 4
Rs. 1,47,692.

Note:- “Just Born Baby to About to Die old people” – “Begger to Billionaire” are included in the Population.

So, Average Each Family in Karnataka State Contribute to State and Central

Rs. 2,33,424. (2019-20).

This is the Average Yearly Contribution by a Family of 4.

Citizen, Now it is the time to realise, how much worth we are to this Nation.

Are we getting the worth back ?

None of our  Fundamental Facilities and Utilities are not upto the mark.

Corruption is eating away 80% of our Contributed Money, year after year.

Above All we have $ 557 Billion
Rs. 39,64,700 Crores loan to International Banking Organization.

Average Indians have loan of Rs. 30,450. on their head.

Do not think that you have nothing on your head. You are in loan.

State Loan is separate. It will double the liability of each Citizen of Karnataka.

We keep on Electing the same Corrupt Political System.

Wake up Citizen. It is the high time to root out Corruption from the Government Places.

We need to Change this Corrupt Rajakeeya System.

A Solution is in the Horizon.

Are you ready to adapt the same ?

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Source : prajaakeeya group

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