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  1. ART OF Governance – Accountability, Responsibility and Transparency Government must be Established and Corruption must be rooted out in all Government Operations.
  2. Hand over of Power to Citizen’s. Every action of the Government must be informed to Citizen Concern, approval must be taken from Citizen Concern and Executed transparently in front of Citizen Concern. Complete Account of Tax Paid Money must be open to be Citizen’s.
  3. ” From the people, Of the People and For the People”- real essence of Democracy must be installed.
  4. Four Pillars of Democracy – Legislation, Administration, Judiciary and Media must be made to work independently. Each one must keep eye on other three. Who ever does wrong or corruption must be handed over to Judiciary for necessary Punishment and Correction.

None of these Four Pillars shall not involve in the functioning of others.

  1. Elected Candidate from Uttama Prajaakeeya Party must work like a ” Prajaakharmikha”. He is not a Leader or Sevaka, since he takes Salary and other benefits.
  2. When Corruption stops in Government places, 100% Tax Paid Money will be available for Development of Fundamental Requirements of Common People, which could be spent Transparent way, keeping Citizen’s involvement.
  3. Fundamental Requirement of Common People such as Water, Electricity, Education, Health, Housing, Farmer’s Requirements, Employment, Transport and Infrastructure, Waste Management and Law & Order Facilities must be made International Standard, which will provide the dignified life to common people.

It is possible when Corruption Stops in Government places.

  1. Uttama Prajaakeeya Party ( UPP) is a Cashless Party.

There is No Membership Fee, No Party Fund and No Donation Accepted.

Therefore, All UPP Supporter or Member, must take approval from the Party, before spending any money for Party purpose.

  1. Party Campaign & Publicity must happen through Social Media and People to People Contact. Members or Supporter can involve in Media Company’s, if they invite us for any kind of debate or discussion.
  2. Uttama Prajaakeeya Party ( UPP) is having only one Office in Bengaluru, at Mr. Upendra’s Residence, 3rd Floor.

There will not be any Branch Office, any where.

  1. There will not be any Officials available in UPP Office. Members or Supporters, who have fully accepted the Prajaakeeya concept voluntarily come and look after the work of Party, as and when they get time and party requires.

Most of the work is done through Social Media.

  1. Interviewing the Election Candidates will be done by Corporate Professionals, who provide their services free of cost to the party.
    Mr. Upendra will be completely involved with such process.
  2. Therefore none of the Supporter or Members required to come to Office for any party work. If required, volunteers will be called, as and when required.
  3. No one must leave their Job or Business to do UPP work. There is no need of this. Unnecessarily, do not put your family into difficulties. They are also our Citizen’s.

Every one can do Party Campaign, Publicity and Party Work at their spare time and holidays.

  1. UPP Candidates, who gets elected by people for MLA and MP must have to leave their job and business to devote his/her time to people, since he gets paid enough Salary from Tax Paid Money. He/she will get Pension after 5 years also. His/her time is booked by people for that 5 years.

However people gets elected for Panchayats, Councillor and Corporator need not to leave their job or business, since it is not full time job, as well as there is hardly any Salary paid for those positions.

  1. People who wish to become UPP Candidates must not come for Name & Fame and Selfish Motive.

He must be ready to work as a “Prajaakharmikha” for the betterment of people, for which he/she gets the Salary.

  1. All UPP Candidates must be ready to work with Zero tolerance towards Corruption. He must be Definite Honest Person.
  2. Candidates Application are received through our App in Google Play Store-



Our Website

After proper scrutiny about his/her commitment towards Prajaakeeya Concept, candidates will be called for an interview and other selection process.

  1. If more Candidate apply for same Constituency, best and suitable candidate will be finalized.
  2. Who ever wish to apply for UPP Candidature must get registered himself in our App and his Party ID number must be quoted in the application. It is a must situation.
  3. In UPP, it is not allowed to talk about Religion, Caste, Creed, Group and Region. Only Citizen- People must be given importance.
  4. UPP Candidate must have registered as Voter in Karnataka for State Election.

He must be fluent in Kannada or English. It will be Ideal, if he is fluent in both language.

In future, when we go for National Level, it will be informed at later stage.

  1. UPP Candidate must not have any Criminal Background or Any Criminal Case pending against him.

He must have clear and clean history or background.

He must have definite understanding of Prajaakeeya Concept.

  1. Prajaakeeya and Uttama Prajaakeeya Party ( UPP) are the products of Mr. Upendra’s 20 years of culmination in his mind to do away this corrupt system. It is based on truth and clean society.

It is a ” Silent Revolution”.

So, every one make it sure that there will not be a slightest change in this philosophy of Prajaakeeya. Every one has to follow strictly.

  1. To run the Country and State, Corruption Free, as per Law & Order, Best Facilities to people, as per the Constitution of India, we need support from Citizen’s, Advise from Citizen’s and Innovation from Citizen’s.

Citizen may send those to our App and Website.

Any one sending relevant and useful advices, suggestions, innovative ideas and projects will be called for discussion in person.

Please find below useful links to get your self updated on our party affairs.
Best Regards,
-Nimma Upendra

To Know what is Prajaakeeya, Prajaakarana, prajaaneethi kindly use below given link

To get to Know how Uttama Prajaakeeya Party works Kindly use below link:

For UTTAMA PRAJAAKEEYA PARTY’S Manifesto’s use below given links
πŸ”ΈComplete Transparent Government:
πŸ”ΈSuper Village
πŸ”ΈSuper Education

To Download all Manifesto’s kindly use below Link:

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